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US History topics to be discussed

  • The founding - 1776 to 1787. This would include the Declaration of Independence and the signing of the United States Constitution.
  • The years capitalism flourished - after the turn of the century capitalism flourished. Trading routes with Europe were established.
  • The Succession, The Civil War and Lincoln - the South started to succeed around 1860. The South had a problem with the taxation of the North. They were doing much better economically than the North.
  • An impoverished USA in 1871 - the so called winners were economically challenged. They sought help from Europe. Europe responded with an agreement. Formerly called the act of 1871. It pretty well sold out America as a constitutional republic.
  • The Progressive Era - this is when Communism began to really take hold. And the so-called Labor Day is comparable to May-day. Then we had some more challenges with our money system.
  • The so called world wars - World War 1 & 2.
  • Continuing the communist takeover - they are so assassinated JFK to confirm their power. They introduced a Bill that outlined the Communist objectives. And then during the Clinton, Bush and Obama years they started imposing a new world order. That's right, a takeover of the world.
  • President Trump slowing the final takeover - Hillary was projected to win the 2016 election. But two retired CIA agents blocked the cheating in the election, thus Trump won. This dramatically slowed the progression of the world take over because Trump instituted great programs that brought the world together.
  • • A desperate cabal's one last try - Now the cabal is desperate to finish what they started.Their main tactic has been reversing all of Trump's executive orders an imposing martial law via a so-called pandemic.

You know things are wrong when the government pays more to hospitals if the patient dies. Genocide?


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