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Fabricated News

Can you Remember a major news story that was not Fabricated? Please email me a link to a non-fabricated story . I’d like to see one. WWI, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, JFK, et cetera were all stories that were not truthful. I call that fabricated.

Western Medicine is not here to help you. Dr. Fauci has been charged with murder. He and the cabal are committing genocide on the world with their so-called vaccinations. This is not a vaccine as vaccines have been in the past. It definitely has some DNA changing ingredients. The only ingredient I know of for sure that is in the Vaccine is graphene oxide nano-particles. That is what is killing people. So they are injecting people with known poisons.

JFK and 9/11 were inside jobs against the American people. And now because “We the People” let those pass, we now have a planned non-pandemic.

Remember you are naturally free. Your government can not grant you your FREEDOM. It is not their’s to grant.


On a Consciousness level, they have us trapped in the lower frequencies by keeping us aware of the dangers/fear around us. They always have a new virus or a new disease coming. Or China’s new missile. Again, quit cooperating. Build your own Consciousness level. Build your own reality.