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The top 8 ways Americans pollute their body every day, compromising their immunity and making every cold and flu more deadlyy

08/27/2021 / By S.D. Wells

If most Americans did not pollute their body every day with toxins posing as food and medicine, they really wouldn’t have to worry about being immune compromised, which is the perfect bait for “Covid.”

Since we’ve recently learned that “Covid-19,” along with “Delta” and “Lambda” variants are nothing more than a head cold, common virus or bacterial infection, we can better realize that the best way to prevent and fight infection is by treating your body like a temple and refusing to pollute it with dangerous, processed food and chemical-lab-made medicine, including dirty vaccines.

It’s time to “clean up your act” America, and start by avoiding these 8 body pollutants

#1. Fluoride in tap water causes cancer, brittle bones, dementia and lowered IQ.

#2. Trillions of nano-particles that are injected under the guise of “vaccines” are affecting the entire vascular system of the vaccine victims every day and all night long, causing gradual chronic sick-care-style inflammation and compromised immunity.

#3. Covid masks are creating and breeding bacteria in the mouth, throat and lungs that leads to pneumonia and other infections, which all result as “positive” when PCR testing for Covid-19 or Delta.

#4. Prescription medications are known to drive chronic inflammation, the root of all health ills. Two out of every three Americans use these drugs daily right now.

#5. Bleached food taxes vital cleansing organs daily, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas and bladder. Think of white sugar, white flour, white pasta and white bread. Even some meat is bleached to kill E-Coli or salmonella, then dyed back to pink or red for selling.

#6. Personal care products are usually loaded with chemicals that feed chronic inflammation, including talc, aluminum, phthalates, petroleum, mercury (make up), and the list goes on.

#7. Anti-bacterial everything, including baby wipes, hand sanitizer, sprays and cleansers. These kill ALL bacteria, including the good kind that stimulate gut flora. This lowers immune system function and makes people highly vulnerable to bacterial and viral attacks, and bad ones at that.

#8. Processed GMO oils and canola cause the body to put on weight while clogging the blood. Obesity is a driving force for compromised immunity. Every other person in America is overweight, and half of those people are “obese.”