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Losing Our Freedom to FFs

911 to COVID From Homeland Security to Bio-security

JFK’s assassination

Why did they assassinate him? The cabal was scared that he would be president for eight straight years. And then there was RFK, no doubt he would have been president for the next 8 years after that. That would have disrupted their coup d’etat. Just like Trump disrupted their final moves of their coup d’etat or was he an actor for the cabal.

The decades following the assassination were marred with rigged elections and fake news. Most everything after the assassination was fabricated. Well for that matter before the assassination also.

The assassination of JFK should have been a turning point in America’s history. But the American people bought the bullshit story.

And the cabal continued on with their coup d’etat.

The Inside Job

9/11 was an inside job. Seems 99% of the General Public does NOT understand 9/11 tied a “bow” around the Deep-State’s coup d’etat! (The Patriot Act). If we do not address this we will live under the Tyrannical “Variant” forever! And THEY are changing their Tyranny to Climate Change(LOL).

Oh, notice that they’ve changed the language yet again. Viruses now have a variant, rather than the thousands of mutations they used to have.

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