I was a Patriot/Constitutionalist! Then labeled a Terrorist per the Joe Biden communist regime. Now the NWO is ruling! So I quit cooperating and now just a Spectator! Pass the Popcorn! marc@onfreedomroad.com These RSS sites update daily!




Working for the Common Good is a communist slogan.

It means giving up your Autonomy and Liberty. I will not do it!

About me, marcus

I love my country … but I fear my government. There has been a coup d’etat going on for decades. And now Biden is rounding it out.

So You ask how I could come up with such a website? Well I thought there was something wrong the day “They” shot JFK. The debates in High School failed to make sense. Then I did time in the USAF; served in Turkey. The USAF did things that the average citizen at home can’t even imagine and never will find out about. At the onset of the first Gulf War I knew I had been used by the military. The term mercenary comes to mind, but that is not the right word. I was DUPED. I was there but had no idea what big picture was happening. Now I know.

Most would say that a website like this is just filled with groundless conspiracies. This is why this evidence is not groundless. I helped the deep state get here by ignoring things and actually helping engineer things.


  • When I worked for the telephone company right out of high school we listened to everybody’s phone calls. That’s how the employees got their jollies. It was wrong.
  • Most of my career in electronics I worked on telephony. I helped make it compatible with police departments and data gathering.
  • And I worked at the Motorola Government facility. I literally can not tell you what I did.
  • And I worked at the Good Year Aero Space facility. I can not tell you what I did there either.

How I feel about it.

So yes, I do feel guilty that I supported the deep state. My excuse is: at the times I did not know about the deep state.

And My Personal Problem

This is an example of Western Medicine for profit.

I’ve had eye problems since LASIK surgery in nineteen ninety-four. Complicating matters, the eyeglass prescriptions were always too strong. BDPEC was the involved eye institution. BDPEC violated the verbal contract they had with me by ending the promised care there.