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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Central Planning Created:21-Feb-2022

Central planning is an economic system in which a central authority, such as a government, makes economic decisions regarding the manufacturing and the distribution of products. Centrally planned economies are different from market economies, in which such decisions are traditionally made by businesses and consumers.

Theoretically, "central planning" is used by communist and socialist countries. The market economics is what capitalism is based on. Most countries use a combination of them. So those that say capitalism doesn't work in America are not considering the regulations (central planning) that tainted the market economics. I would imagine the opposite is true, too.

  • • In a centrally planned economy,economic decisions are made by a central authority.
  • • Centrally planned economies have been criticized by many economists as suffering from various economic problems related to poor incentives, informational constraints, and inefficiency. I say there is no way a group of people can predict what thousands of people are going to do or want.

Central Planning and ESG

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is a method of prioritizing values when Central planning.

These values and edicts can be imposed at any time. You are right, that gets into "our God given rights."

Yet again, we run into the possibility that the edicts will be added or removed depending upon what the central government wants us to comply with. A very easy way of applying social justice (if there is such a thing).

An Example of how Central Planning works: Energy

Energy includes oil, natural Gas and Coal. All of these have been regulated by our government for years. It is very obvious that when they want a result, all they have to do is change the regulations (central planning) of these.

The Biden regime has stymied US production of energy and energy, and prices soar as expected.That has led to a high gas and heating oil prices.

Additionally, Biden coaxed Putin into invading Ukraine. And now to deter Putin, Biden has put restrictions on the flow of energy out of Russia. This, of course, will exasperate energy shortages in America even more, because, as mentioned earlier, Biden already has caused energy shortages in America.

This is all about "Build Back Better" which is meant to destroy America.


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