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Cognition Created:15-Jul-2021

I have three levels of consciousness:

First, obviously is your present thoughts.

Free Will - Not much to say about it. I am.

Free Will can reprogram the sub-conscious.

Second is your sub-conscious.

Instinct - The part of your cognition that operates automatically. It is your heart and soul. It controls how you really feel and think. Although it can be overridden by your first level of consciousness.

Third is common consciousness.

Common consciousness is a collective energy/data field of all mankind. Its scope is universe wide.

Common consciousness is another word for Paranormal . Paranormal explains why people just know things, or it just comes to them. Or, have you ever had the feeling that "someone was watching you" and you turned around quickly to find someone watching you. Why can we sense what's happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? And why are we sometimes certain of a caller's identity the instant the phone rings? These are examples of what I call common-consciousness/paranormal.

Common consciousness has no time parameter. The data in it lives for all time. The energy affects all persons near by. Church steeples and obelisks help project this energy/data to the surrounding community.

More about Common consciousness

On Consciousness, the Universal Field, and the Veil Between the Worlds

The GREATEST SECRET in cosmic consciousness
is about to change the world forever

The consciousness of each one of us is a unique, yet integral part of an infinite field of interconnected vibration. Each of us is playing a distinct and vital role in the ever-expanding exploration of all that is possible as part of this universal field of vibration in this forever unfolding moment of now. Though we may at times feel separate from all that is around us, the more we open to our connection with this mystical field of limitless possibility, the more we can embrace our infinite potential as magnificent, creative expressions of the universe.

The above video keys in on that last paragraph. He points out that once everybody understands and are thinking the same way, the cabal doesn't have a chance. Consciousness will overwhelm them.

Now going a little further down rabbit hole

Greg Caton interviewed by Mike Adams: End times, encounters with angels and demons, vaccine soul sellouts


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