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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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This morning I had to drop off a package at UPS. A few of the customers were wearing masks. I gave them my business card which advertises this website. There was a very polite "No Thank You."

My response was: "Bullshit. I did not serve in Turkey so you could flush my country down the toilet."




Working for the Common Good is a communist slogan.

It means giving up your Autonomy and Liberty supposedly for others. I say bulshit to that too. I will not do it!

This movie spells it out for you!

Atlas Shrugged: Part 3

About me, marcus

I love my country ... but I fear my government. There has been a coup d'etat going on for decades. And now Biden is rounding it out.

About Me

So You ask how I could come up with such a website? Well I thought there was something wrong the day "They" shot JFK. The debates in High School failed to make sense. Then I did time in the USAF; served in Turkey. The USAF did things that the average citizen at home can't even imagine and never will find out about. At the onset of the first Gulf War I knew I had been used by the military. The term mercenary comes to mind, but that is not the right word. I was DUPED. I was there but had no idea what big picture was happening. Now I know.

Most would say that a website like this is just filled with groundless conspiracies. This is why this evidence is not groundless. I helped the deep state get here by ignoring things and actually helping engineer things.


  • When I worked for the telephone company right out of high school we listened to everybody's phone calls. That's how the employees got their jollies. It was wrong.
  • Most of my career in electronics I worked on telephony. I helped make it compatible with police departments and data gathering.
  • And I worked at the Motorola Government facility. I literally can not tell you what I did.
  • And I worked at the Good Year Aero Space facility. I can not tell you what I did there either.

How I feel about it.

So yes, I do feel guilty that I supported the deep state. My excuse is: at the times I did not know about the deep state.

This is how my life went.

I made Amarillo by morning more than once; :-) I was what we called "job shopping"! Back in those days you could call your job shop and ask for a job in another city; they'd call you back in a day or two. And, then you'd go.

And Sprint Cars of course. I raced RCs of them. This would have been in the late 1970s or early 80s. I was there. It has since been closed.

My all time favorite music

And My Personal Problem

This is an example of Western Medicine for profit.

I've had eye problems since LASIK surgery in nineteen ninety-four. Complicating matters, the eyeglass prescriptions were always too strong. BDPEC was the involved eye institution. BDPEC violated the verbal contract they had with me by ending the promised care.

And now Eye Buy Direct. It is a very easy solution to eye doctors. You don't need the doctors. Buy your own "try out lens." [Amazon or E-Bay] Find the lens that are comfortable. You can do better than than the Doctors. You are not in it for the profit.


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