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Since the quantity of news today is so overwhelming,
I summarize for you some historical background information!



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I summarize for you some historical background information! Why? Because learning is based upon what you already know. You have to gain experience first. Understanding the following is probably impossible. I intended this website to be all background information. But I felt this so important I put it here anyway.

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We don’t need Washington DC. But Washington DC needs us!

So. Quit cooperating with them. Why support an entity that’s trying to bring you down.

Remember, a divided nation does not survive. There has to be a cultural understanding that all can accept. This is where God comes in. They are definitely trying to take away our religions, especially Jesus Christ.

This is where the common Consciousness is applicable. A common cultural understanding that all can accept can be achieved. That doesn’t mean we all have to worship the same God. That only means we all need to come to the same understanding of what is going on.

We all were born with paranormal abilities – common consciousness. When we fellowship / come together with our fellow human beings this common consciousness grows to very high levels of power. At this point it is the only power that can stop the tyranny.

They know this and are doing everything they can to keep us in the dark. They know that we are waking up, and if that were to happen it would be the end of them. I believe waking up is inevitable. They believe that too. So just save their power they are trying to kill us off and limit our paranormal powers. Keep us in the dark means hide our paranormal / consciousness powers from us.

The following audio clip explains it fully.

The GREATEST SECRET in cosmic consciousness

This audio is Mike Adams. He is easy to listen to, but takes a lot of time to explain things. This audio is an example of that. He starts out talking about spider webs and finishes with the state of the world Consciousness wise. Just bear with him this really does get interesting.


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