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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Elsewhere in my websites I say that TV hypnotizes people. I neglected to say how the hypnotic trances are ended. I would have to deduct that people do not withdraw from the trances. That is why there are so many people that cannot reason. They are literally in a hypnotic trance.

Ironically, this video shows up on my horizon a day after I wrote the above paragraph. "Mass Formation" is a fancy name for mass hypnosis.

Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet

For you folks that are wondering if you're in a trance or not, this is what you may have missed. This is a 12 minute summary of what the Cabal has done and is doing. There is a 1:30 add to skip.

If You Fly "The Flag" You've Been Had

Read the page heading and tell me that the media and the democrats don't purposely have everything upside down.

I pray you don't need me to tell you the Buffalo shooting was a False Flag! His manifesto vs Big Media narrative

Government cannot and will not stop the school shootings. "Cannot" because some of the school shootings are caused by the moral decay of America. "Will Not" because some of the school shootings are government False Flags to get our guns.

You read that correctly. Government (Dems and Establishment) are not interested in solving the problem, it is a part of their "Order out of Chaos" agenda!

Bottom Line: Government is not going to solve this problem or any other problem, for that matter!

Is Biden our President?

Most of the talk on the street is about who is really running this country. Well, Probably Alexandra gets straight to the point in less than a minute.

Devolution Today, Who is really incharge

So is this why Biden does not live in the White House; he is not President.

I'm thinking her answer means we're under martial law.

Who is running the country? Most people say Obama. I don't know. So did Trump betray us? Possibly. Elsewhere in my websites I call Trump a pied piper.

And the Cabal has an Agenda

And it is not about saving lives. In fact elsewhere on this website you will find that they have a genocide agenda in play.

While they are politicizing mass shootings they are letting Chicago's blacks kill black people. 

Gun control is about taking our weapons away so they can finish their totalitarian rule.

Mike Adams surmises the future.

Situation Update is now Citizens Log - May 9, 2022 -
A time capsule message for the survivors of the WAR

Ukraine History and Nukes

Yes Putin is invading Ukraine. First thing he did was take over was the Chernobyl Power Plant. Previously the United states had set Ukraine up as a nuclear power.

The real reason for the Ukraine war.

Putin wants the world to be filled with countries as opposed to the NWO's one world government. The Nazis survived World War II in Ukraine to this  day. And now they are collaborating with the western New World Order.  You can even find it on google.

January 6th

It is clear we have a oligarchy government. Charges have not be set for over 100 of persons that have been locked up for over a year.


And now, Mar 2022, consider the Left's edict to depopulate the world. World war ESCALATION is being aggressively pushed by Putin, Biden and NATO. Ironically,  pharmaceuticals now contain snake venom!

  • • First a hoax pandemic to scare us into taking an ejection which damages our immune system.
  • • Then a nuclear war (Ukraine) to radiate us.
  • • And we die from cancer.
  • • A nuclear war, or even economic sanctions, will cause food shortages. Plus, THEIR climate change policies will lead to fertilizer and food shortages. The so called Fossil fuels are needed to make fertilizer. So we die of starvation.

Civil War Slavery to Colonizing Plants - Catherine Fitts

Media Agenda

Why didn't the media want you to support Canada like they want you to support Ukraine? Answer: There is no secret U.S. corruption in Canada that needs to be covered up!

We've been bamboozled over the years. Just consider this, there was an outsider in office who got gas cheaper and we were energy independent. Now no more focus on our own country. Then this establishment man comes on the scene and we have runaway inflation. medical tyranny and are on the brink of world War 3.


The USA has Bio-Labs in Ukraine. And there is an Oliver Stone movie called "Ukraine on Fire."

So what to do? Don't play their game (Quit Co-operating). Don't fear them. You are all powerful.

Above all else, Don't take sides. The money and the Cabal are funding both sides. Just don't play their game!

I say the the Democratic Party has figured out their Communist coup d'etat is not going to work.

Rather than apologizing and prosecuting the fake science people, they are going on as though nothing happened. The Left has been caught with their pants down. But we will remember their corrupt tatics.


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