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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Central Planning

Central planning is an economic system in which a central authority, such as a government, makes economic decisions regarding the manufacturing and the distribution of products. Centrally planned economies are different from market economies, in which such decisions are traditionally made by businesses and consumers.

Theoretically, "central planning" is used by communist and socialist countries. The market economics is what capitalism is based on. Most countries use a combination of them. So those that say capitalism doesn't work in America are not considering the regulations (central planning) that tainted the market economics. I would imagine the opposite is true, too.

  • • In a centrally planned economy,economic decisions are made by a central authority.
  • • I say there is no way a group of people can predict what thousands of people are going to do or want.

Central Planning and ESG

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is a method of prioritizing values when Central planning.

These values and edicts can be imposed at any time. You are right, that gets into "our God given rights."

This time: Central Planning leads to WAR!

Energy includes oil, natural Gas and Coal. All of these have been regulated by our government for years. It is very obvious that when they want a result, all they have to do is change the regulations (central planning) of these.

The Biden regime has stymied US production of energy and energy, and prices soar as expected.That has led to a high gas and heating oil prices.

Additionally, Biden coaxed Putin into invading Ukraine. And now to deter Putin, Biden has put restrictions on the flow of energy out of Russia. This, of course, will exasperate energy shortages in America even more, because, as mentioned earlier, Biden already has caused energy shortages in America.

This is all about "Build Back Better" which is meant to destroy America. Biden's WAR has nothing to do with the Ukraine. It's all about "Build Back Better" to destroy America.

Benghazi Hearing - Clinton "What difference at this point does it make!"

Had we stopped it then, we would not have Biden cheering for war now!

Oh, in case you don't know what Benghazi was about; the U.S. was running guns to Syria through Benghazi. There was the threat of a whistleblower who was removed in the attack.

This video is more than you wanted to know about many people and events. Here an excerpt from it:

Starting in 2017, "Q" posting was all in preparation for what is happening today - nothing could be accomplished if Trump was in office - the MSM wouldn’t allow it. The 4 years of Trump were the “prophecy years” - the years setting up the game - it looks like were at the beginning of the implementation of the “plan”.

It's only going to continue to change from here on out. The longer this game goes on, the more muddy the waters will get so it’s wisest to get out now.

The religion of politics has no answers for you - this world is NOT fixable by humans like you and me. Jesus is the only answer and the Bible has told us how all of this ends. Don’t get caught up in the propaganda of the dark, but also be hyper vigilant against light-side propaganda. Don’t take it at face value, view it on the macro level.

The Brotherhood Network has usurped the word ‘light’ and it will only cause more confusion as time goes on. That is why we’re here today, talking about all the ways this false light is just that, false. It has nothing to do with the God of creation, nor of the actual truth or light of the world - Jesus Christ.

An Inconvenient Reality

Biden said "No Amendment is absolute." Yesterday, Feb 3, 2022.

That means the United States Constitution has absolutely no validity in Joe Biden's eyes. Again, tell me how he ever got elected. Well, the truth is he wasn't. He was selected by his communist party. And then cheated during the election. Nobody wanted to see a 40 year failure. It's that simple.

Previous to all that Joe Biden says
"he's built most extensive "voter fraud" org in history"

What do you think? Anti-fraud or Team to win an election!? Well he did say Voter Fraud!

And now Biden does not represent "We the People".

Let us remember that our rights are inalienable. That means they are not granted per law or the Constitution.

There has been a big push on lately to write laws explaining when and where masks are worn and the jabs are not mandatory. This is a very dangerous road as it conflicts with the above statement. You need to fight for your rights. They are inalienable.

Passing these laws is dangerous because they can be repealed. Make them amendments to prevent there easy repeal. Laws can be repealed easily.

Trucker convoys are a great way to quit cooperating/protest.

As the latest quantum mechanics and metaphysics are just being discovered, we notice that we are not moving forward, but returning to a consciousness that the ancient shamans, mystics and sages have left for us.

It is a new age. An age for responsibility and stewardship. And as we begin to look for answers in the world within, the world without will reflect. In this new age, we will discover that we are all one mind, one organism, and one spirit. Although, we are individuals. Aura, we each have our own.We are the savior we have been waiting for.

Kymatica - FULL MOVIE

If you understand that, you don't need to go any farther.

I had viewed this years ago and thought it was great, but let it pass. Now I see it as WHY! all this mayhem is happening.

And I have a problem with the last 15 minutes of it. For me, it seems to contradict earlier parts of the video.

And my takeaway for from the video.

Our Auras combine with the Earth's Aura. And the Earth's Aura combines with other solar systems, etc.

I would surmise Consciousness could be substituted for the Aura described above.

I would also surmise that God could be substituted for the aura/consciousness in the above statements.

That would mean we can influence God.

Holy Cow! LOL!

Therefore, God is aware of all things. And when God senses his character is going awry from all of the influences by his flock, God affects change (say a flood) to keep himself perfect.

Whoa! Could it be that simple!


In this video KrisAnne explains exactly what that means. i.e. what is lawful and what is not. It is simpler than you think.


We don't have to invent or figure out how to fix this. History and our founders have already given us that information. America was built on the fundamental principles of the natural rights of man. That is the fix yet!

Please look at the "HIJACKING GOD’S CREATION" in the left column. It introduces new knowledge about the .... I don't even know what to call it anymore. Just don't be a "Progressive Listener." Believe it not you have not been exposed to all that there is to know, just like me!

Let's Talk News - RSS News Feeds

This is RSS feed to 5 of my favorite New Websites. Give is a little more time as it is retrieving a lot of news headlines.

I summarize for you some historical background information! Why? Because learning is based upon what you already know. You have to gain experience first. Understanding the following is probably impossible. I intended this website to be all background information. But I felt this so important I put it here anyway.

In the horizontal menu everything to the right is summary information, everything under home is esoteric and or for reference.

We don't need Washington DC(the cabal). But the cabal is trying to destroy us with the injections, masks, and lock-downs.

So. Quit cooperating with them. Why support an entity that’s trying to bring you down. To just Quit cooperating is not enough anymore. Action most be taken to secure our nation. But NO violence is to be used. Be a part of that demonstration!

(Personal Nullification [Quit cooperating] means you stop complying with the law. You don't have to bring a lawsuit, that is the law's end of the deal.)

On a Consciousness level, they have us trapped in the lower frequencies by keeping us aware of the dangers/fear around us. And keeping us confused. They always have a new virus or a new disease coming. Or China's new missile. Again, quit cooperating. Build your own Consciousness level. Build your own reality.

Yes, they like to keep us fearful and Confused. Fear as discussed above. The confusion is all the BS Sciences and weird facts that they come up with. We can all see there's only two sexes. And we all know science doesn't change overnight. Racism is not cause of all. We all know in our hearts the masks don't work.

But they keep a constant barrage of the silly and ridiculous conversations going with their propaganda.

If we are fearing and confused we are thinking of everything but what matters.

Remember, a divided nation does not survive. There has to be a cultural understanding that all can accept. This is where God comes in. They are definitely trying to take away our religions, especially Jesus Christ.

John Adams Quote:
“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

So We need to come together on a moral High Ground of what's going on. That would solve most of our problems because our Representatives only work to keep their jobs. That means if the representatives start going their own way they don't get reelected again. Of course this only works with fair elections and honest news. That process needs to be cleaned up.

So am I contradicting myself here? No, I changed topics on you. The first topic was don't cooperate with a cabal. The second topic was a fantastiful, what if it all worked?


This is where the common Consciousness is applicable. A common cultural understanding that all can accept can be achieved. That doesn’t mean we all have to worship the same God. That only means we all need to come to the same understanding of what is going on. This understanding is to SAVE the USA.

We all were born with paranormal abilities – common consciousness. When we fellowship / come together with our fellow human beings this common consciousness grows to very high levels of power. At this point it is the only power that can stop the tyranny.

They know this and are doing everything they can to keep us in the dark. They know that we are waking up, and if that were to happen it would be the end of them. I believe that us waking up is inevitable. They believe that too. So just save their power they are trying to kill us off and limit our paranormal powers. Keep us in the dark means hide our paranormal / consciousness powers from us.

The following audio clip explains it fully.

The GREATEST SECRET in cosmic consciousness

This audio is Mike Adams. He is easy to listen to, but takes a lot of time to explain things. This audio is an example of that. He starts out talking about spider webs and finishes with the state of the world Consciousness wise. Just bear with him this really does get interesting.


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