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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Medicine Created:15-Jul-2021

What you should know

Holistic ethics vs. Modern Medicine ethics. "They" have sold you some swamp land in Florida, i.e. Modern Medicine. It is about profit while Holistic is about Healing. And "They" have gone to great lengths to monopolize by regulating the Health Insurance companies and now with requiring you to buy Health Care insurance.

And they have laws against suing the Hospitals, Doctor, and Drug Companies.

Backstory of Pharma

Alternative Health is under attack. It is the only industry "They" don't control. Governments around the world prohibit consumers from receiving truthful information concerning disease prevention and treatment effects of nutrients. They censor that health information to protect drug companies from competition. The censorship sacrifices lives.

And the FDA's War Against Humanity; An expose of FDA abuse of powers, dietary supplements, alternative therapies, alternative medicine, AIDS, ozone, cancer.

And now with the advent of the non-pandemic, it is more obvious than ever. It is Genocide!


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