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No Virus Created:04-Feb-2022

Yes, there is no new virus. In fact, the following discussion will prove that Western medicine has never found a virus of any sort.

If you have been following along, in my websites I point out the hoax Western medicine is. Yes,they have learned how to fix bones and other mechanical things. But when it comes to the pharmaceutical end of Western medicine, it is not actually legit. Remember it was started by The Rockefellers back in the early 1900s. They sold snake oil as a remedy. And that part of their industry has flourished. (All you have to do to prove that is listen to the pharmaceutical ads and apply a little bit of logic). My point is it took Western Medicine years to convince us there were viruses and now I disprove it here in a few short paragraphs and videos.

The cabal (Western medicine is a part of it) had this pandemic planned years ago.

Okay getting back to the no viruses discussion.

Podcast #44 - Dr Tom Cowan features an interview with Christine Massey. She discusses how she used Freedom of Information requests to ask for proof of virus isolation from many "health" organizations like the CDC. What she found may (or may not) surprise you. I hope you'll tune in and share this important information with your loved ones.

Christine Massey's website: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/


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