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Reality Revealed - Ages and Cognition Created:25-Jan-2023

First we have to define the word cognition: "The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment".

The Ages are Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden. Cognition abilities vary with the Ages. Humans do the best during the Golden Age, decline and the recover during the other Ages. We are in a recover mode now.

One circuit of the Sun around the center of our galaxy is called a Cosmic Year, or Galactic Year. This takes about 225-240 million "earth" years.

Walter Cruttenden discusses some of the ideas in his 2005 book Lost Star of Myth and Time.

The myth and folklore of ancestral peoples around the world hints at a vast cycle of time, with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. Plato called it the Great Year. Long believed to be a fairy tale, there is now new astronomical evidence to show it has a basis in fact. Moreover, because it is caused by the acceleration of our Sun around another star, we learn that the Earth should soon be carried into a region of space that will have a beneficial effect on our atmosphere, nudging mankind into a higher state of consciousness.

loststarbook.com weaves together some of the latest archaeological evidence with cutting-edge astronomy to reveal a history of the world that finally fits with myth, folklore and the archaeological record. While the book explores some of the most interesting aspects of a once advanced civilization that covered the Earth, it is really about what happens to the Earth and consciousness as our solar system moves through space in the mysterious motion known as the precession of the equinox. Since the days of Isaac Newton, this astronomical phenomenon has been attributed to local gravitational forces wobbling the Earth's axis. Lost Star now shows us in no uncertain terms that the Earth's axis does not change orientation relative to objects inside the solar system at the same rate as it changes orientation to objects outside the solar system, meaning precession must be due to our Sun's binary motion around another star.

Chapter by chapter it becomes clear that ancient cultures knew of precession, used it as the clock of the ages, understood it to be due to the solar system's motion through space, and realized this subjects the Earth to a cycle of waxing and waning stellar influences. It is these forces that affect our magnetosphere, ionosphere and indirectly create the larger seasons of the Great Year. This not only gives cause for a major rethink of human history and potential, but indicates we are approaching a tipping point in the awakening of consciousness.

Narrated by Walter Cruttenden, author of "loststarbook.com".

Walter Cruttenden - Lost Star of Myth and Time

Walter Cruttenden: Precession and The Lost Star Of Myth

Description: Walter Cruttenden will discuss the widespread ancient belief that history moves in a vast cycle with alternating Dark and Golden Ages -- something Plato called the Great Year. Just as the spinning earth produces the cycle of night and day, and the orbiting earth produces the seasons Walter will show that the precession observable is also the product of celestial motion, the sun's orbit around another star, resulting in waxing and waning influences known to the Ancients. This presentation will include evidence from Hamlet's Mill, an explanation and animation of precession and the reasons for its modern misinterpretation, and an inspiring overview of the mythical hero on the wheel of time.

Biog: Cruttenden is the author of the best selling book Lost Star of Myth and Time and writer/producer of the award-winning documentary The Great Year, narrated by James Earl Jones. As Director of the Binary Research Institute Walter and his team research and publish papers on the celestial mechanics of precession and its implications for understanding ancient cultures. Walter is also the organizer of the annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, as well as host of the popular podcast The Cosmic Influence

And this Video goes into More depth yet! Enjoy!

For more on spirituality, 2012 and meditation, please visit http://www.in5d.com and http://www.maya12-21-2012.com

Part I -- THE HISTORY BEHIND 2012 -- How time changes consciousness, rare 26,000 yr occurrences, how the RCC ties into 2012, 11:11, solar maximum, 2011 vs 2012, acceleration of creation, the numbers behind 2012, time speeding up, transformation of consciousness, corruption of Gregorian calendar, other 2012 end dates, the New Earth, world chakras, time travelers and 2012, Schumann resonance, alchemy and our solar system, climate change, the photon belt, the I Ching, Mayan astrology, Galactic Alignment, Mayan obsession over time, the cycles of time, the end of a world age,timewave zero

Part 2 -- THE MAYAN CALENDAR EXPLAINED -- Ian Lungold thoroughly explains the levels of creation in the Mayan calendar

Part 3 -- CROP CIRCLES AND 2012 -- Daniel Pinchbeck, David Wilcock, Geoff Stray and Gregg Braden talk about crop circles and 2012

Part 4 -- FEAR AND 2012 -- The roots of terrorism, 911, social engineering, how the few control the many, Illuminati, RFID chips, love, fear and spirituality, vaccinations, aspartame, fluoride, GMO's and Monsanto, government propaganda, mind control, TV mind manipulation, ET help from above, neocons, fear mongering, consciousness and fear, Freemasons, ordo abchao (order out of chaos), 33 longitude and latitude, reduction of stress, the mind and illnesses, the gift of fear, fear and love vibrations,

Part 5 -- DNA UPGRADE? -- the DNA of love and fear, activation of DNA, phantom DNA effect, emotions and DNA, Fibonacci sequence, DNA upgrade, gratitude and DNA

Part 6 -- SPIRITUALITY AND 2012 -- negative prophecies will not occur, synchronicities and 2012, metaphysical phenomena, consciousness shapes reality, left brained versus right brained thinking, suppression of the feminine, spiritual transition of the psyche, seeking inner truth, repression of emotions, intention, how some people may get left behind, the Mandelbrot sequence, thoughts = manifestations, harmonic unity, the miracle of YOU, centering yourself spiritually, torsion fields and consciousness, the power of meditation, opening a channel to your higher self, following your intuition, the power of light, now is the time to expand your consciousness, time travel, expanded consciousness, listening to your heart, the end of a 26,000 year opportunity, research tools, the bottom line

The opening song is available as a free download on both websites. You'll also find free meditation tools on both of these websites as well. Enjoy!

2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE - This is NOT Emerich's 2012!

More on The Great Year

The whole point of this page, is to point out that We ARE NOT the most advanced civilization ever, on this earth or anywhere else. THEY want us to think so, so THEY can control us!

2012 Turning-Point - The rebirth of awareness

Summarizing All the Theories and Cultures

After about an hour of this video; it gets into things a little too deeply, as the narrator points out.

Proof a MAJOR Event September-December 2012

The Jews, Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and almost every culture around the world pointed to 2012 as the time when a huge cataclysm would happen. And the Jewish ancient texts say specifically between September 2012 and December 2012!

A Resent Event; A Polar Shift

There is no doubt that the Planet Earth's Polar Axis has shifted during its geological history. Evidence of such shifting can be found all over the world. Any academic difference of opinion resides in the question of exactly when these Polar Axis Shifts occurred. On the one hand, there are traditional scientists and geologists who date these shifts millions of years into the past, stating that there is absolutely no evidence that such shifts occurred within recent geologic times.

But on the other hand, there is the Velikovskian School which dictates that at least one of these Polar Axis Shifts, perhaps even two or three of them, occurred within recorded historic times. This academic disagreement was partly reflected in what has become known as "The Velikovsky Affair", in which mainly Ivy League professors such as the late astronomer Carl Sagan of Cornell University and the controversial paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University disputed the science of the theories of the late Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton University.

As a longtime Velikovskian, I belong to the Velikovskian School and agree that a Polar Axis Shift did indeed occur in historic times, namely in the 16th Century BCE, as Dr. Velikovsky theorized in Worlds In Collision; and to wit, exactly in the year 1587 BCE. The North Pole shifted from a position in the North Atlantic Ocean to its current Arctic location, and the South Pole shifted from off the southern coast of Australia to the current Antarctica.

Thanks to THE POLAR PIVOTAL AXIS website page.

So, if a Polar Axis Shift did indeed occur in the year 1587BC. Did Planet X cause it? Planet X orbits every 3600 years. 3600 - 1587 = 2013. Whoa! That means the next couple years could indeed be very interesting on planet Earth.


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