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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Reality Revealed Created:06-Aug-2022

The left menu is my favorite articles about reality. But they all can't be right, or can they? Enjoy!

I have problems with David Wilcock. But he is here because he has a lot of good information that the others have not considered.


what we can explain rationally.

Consensus reality

what the general public accepts as rational.


Consensus Reality is What, THEY want you to think you know!

"They" are playing the Consensus Reality movie, while "They" hide the truth from you. Or you could say; Consensus Reality is Reality by Consensus, but that does not make it true. Thus, we live in a world of illusion made by "THEY". This illusion is how the left is ushering in their Socialist/Communist ideas/culture. Most have not noticed this intrusion of our lives, as THEY make the steps toward THEIR goals very small and Politically Correct.


official meaning per (merriam-webster) - aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

Seems to be a new way of thinking ignoring reality and consensus reality. It is used by the left to ignore Law and Order, confuse us with BS like gender to overtake our nation.


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