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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Reality Revealed - per Probably Alexandra Created:20-Aug-2022

The Root of All Evil

This video is about events leading up to a quantum financial reset as well as its mystical origins, the alchemical process humanity is undergoing (lead to gold) and why it matters; not just for our physical reality but also in terms of spiritual implications.

The Root of All Evil

An Inconvenient Reality

This video chronicles the ancient occult philosophy “from dark to light”, the ‘powers that be’ who implement it, and how it directly affects reality today.

An An Inconvenient Reality

An Inconvenient History - Probably Alexandra

The history and ideology of the occult societies that have been behind the events that have shaped our world and how they all stem from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I ask you to approach the information from a non-emotional point of view and understand that my goal is to share truth, not criticism.

An Inconvenient History - Probably Alexandra


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