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I was a Patriot/Constitutionalist! Then a Terrorist per the Biden
communist regime. Now the NWO is ruling! So I quit cooperating
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Reality per the CIA Created:28-Feb-2022

GS-15 CIA Officer John Ramirez | Navigating the US Intelligence Community for UFOlogists

John Ramirez is a retired GS-15 rank CIA Officer who served within ‘The Agency’ from 1984 - 2009, serving within the Directorate of Science & Technology, the Directorate of Intelligence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). In this exclusive interview Mr. Ramirez will be presenting, for the first time publicly, his own presentation on UAP data collection within the United States Intelligence Community, a presentation that aims to, amongst other things, advise members of the UFO Community as to the best approaches for accurate Freedom of Information Act or (FOIA) requests in order to obtain actionable intelligence on UAP data from various keystone U.S Intelligence agencies.

Navigating the US Intelligence Community for UFOlogists

I saw this presentation in person at a MUFON meeting. Most folks were left overwhelmed.


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