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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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The Effects of Propaganda Created:17-Mar-2022

When is the American public going to say no more?We are being destroyed by our own government? Great question!

I am a baby boomer. That means technology and I grew up together. I often wondered who was that smart to invent whatever. And to this day I still don't know whether we've been to the moon by rocket or not. Of course we've been to the Moon via the UFO technology.

This video is a very good discussion of the moon landing and the consequences of believing a fabricated story.

Interview With Bart Sibrel On US Government's LAME,
Faked Apollo Mission Theatre

Who Knows

To this day I don't know whether the moon landing was a hoax or not. I repaired a radio that had been engineered to go to the Moon. It had a software problem. The software was energy savings type of software. The particular problem this radio had was the power was not turned on to the ICs it was trying to use.

That would indicate it was a very sophisticated radio.

The fact that they actually went to the Moon via rocket needed to be covered up???

So they did it by making funny of Shadows excetera.

Who knows. They have lied about most things we know.


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