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The Wisconsin Parade Massacre was not an accident! One of
many events the Left does to execute their order out of chaos scenario.



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Status Quo?

I don't know if they folks have it right, but certainly facts and opinions that need to be considered.

This is all about a One World Order, that the cabal is moving to. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a conspiracy. Now what we have to understand is that the big take is the United States of America. We're in this this battle between competing ideologies; Whether we will continue to be a representative government with capitalism or a have communism.

General Michael T. Flynn Lays Out Plan
To Save America And The World

General Flynn, Patrick Byrne Talk January 6th, 2022 Election & More


I purposely watched over the air TV that day. I've never seen so many people just wandering around taking in the sights.

Now Alex Jones, Roger Stone and others have been subpoenaed by House committee investigating. Considering, the witch trials the Democrats have been conducting in the past couple years; I have to ask, "Is there any chance whatsoever that they would be believed?" the answer is of course NO!


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