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They outed JFK, Nixon, Trump and now Biden is targeted?



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Utopia or Corruption Created:25-May-2022


The Calhoun "mouse utopia"
experiment foretold humanity's self-annihilation

In the mouse experiment, the life of the mouse was Utopia. The mice did not have to do any of the mice work. Everything was given to them.

The mice colony died off/self-destructed.

The basic premise - once food becomes abundant for all, the civilization starts to die.

more Mouse Utopia

This phenomenon is called mass Utopia.

So what came first - the mass Utopia or the Corruption that abounds?


This page originally started out to be the corruption of America. Although that is correct, it can only be because of the illusion. People are overlooking corruption because of the illusion.

Your biggest illusion in your life is what guides you. And the illusion that government is good is most people’s illusion. Thus it does not matter how corrupt things get, the prevailing illusion is that government is good.

Government cannot and will not stop the school shootings. "Cannot" because some of the school shootings are caused by the moral decay of America.  "Will Not" because some of the school shootings are government False Flags to get our guns.

How did we get to such a Grand Illusion? Well, that is sort of creepy. It crept in on us. For at least a half a century I have been hearing how the government is good. No matter what happened, government was good. The corruption took baby steps. Just a little bit at a time, and it crept in on us until it became our Grand Illusion.

  • • Voting? No honest elections in my lifetime.
  • • The Media is controlled by the CIA. The Media broadcasts the fake news in a matter that makes it believable by the Hypnotized US public.
  • Biden (shame on me) is obviously not running anything. Besides that, Alex Jones says Trump screwed the pooch with an executive order that empowered Pfizer. It was in the last year of Trump time. This would have been great news for the cabal, except it does not fit their narrative. Because that is exactly what has taken place. Pfizer is in control. You cannot brag about corrupting the government!

  • Shadow government/New World order, according to Sen. McCain, started after world war two and has been serving us very well. NWO is not good for America.

  • ISIS and BLM - the CIA's main projects against the Western world. Their goal is to shut down America. They are trying to execute their order out of chaos scenario.
  • Media & Education - Controlled to facilitate the New World order. It's the propaganda arm of the CIA.

  • Taxes - I'd say quit supporting THEM by not paying taxes, but that is something We the People have theoretically agreed to.

  • Advertising $$$ - Why are We the People Supporting our own demise by buying products that are paying for the propaganda the Media produces to control us. It is a self-defeating cycle.
  • The Committee of 300 is a group of families that run the world. Notice in this Committee of 300 Chart, there are NO countries included.

And as you can see; voting does nothing! On my second thought, that would be wrong. Your vote only accentuates what media and education wants. That means the CIA is in fact running the country via the propaganda they are broadcasting.


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