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Water Created:20-Dec-2021

Drinking structured water makes the body more coherent, stronger, and healthier.

Structured water is supremely healthy water and by drinking it and bathing in it on a daily basis, we move towards homeostasis, a state of balance. Water plays a very important role in our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health. The chemistry, energy, and memory/information of water are all important.

Consciousness is fed with Intention.Intention may be reactive, or it may be the result of contemplation, desire, a goal.In either form, it shapes what happens around us.

Which brings us to a very fascinating reality.There is something on this earth that responds to our intention.Many scientists from many countries have researched and documented this, and the results are quite surprising.The potential this research presents is for you to contemplate.

Water dropletsThat substance is water.Pure and simple ... water.Water is all over this planet -- and in fact, Earth is often called "the water planet."We (humans) are ourselves made up of water -- more than 90% of us.Did you know that water has memory ... that it receives and makes an imprint of ANY outside influence, remembering everything that happens around it?How it shows this record is by way of its "clusters" of molecules.Water molecules form arrangements in response to what is going on ... water's molecule clusters are a kind of memory cell -- like a nervous system containing hundreds of thousands of information panels.

Intention itself can create a harmonic structure in water.And that structure becomes the basis of the world around us.Water carries information transmission.Water is a system.Systems science has shown that in a phase of instability, thought alone is sufficient to change events within the system.So -- go for it!Use what makes up most of you and most of the world to change things!

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