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Patients suffering from it are deeply frustrated to still hear people asking: “Is adrenal fatigue real?” This stealthy 21st Century Syndrome is as real as the thumb-sized adrenal glands nestled just above your kidneys struggling to produce enough cortisol to get you through the day.

Adrenal fatigue is as real as your daily struggle managing family dynamics and learning how to handle stress at work – all on top of stressors like insomnia, dietary struggles, environmental toxins, and incessant, ubiquitous media messaging. When you’re chronically stressed, you don’t feel like yourself. You may be constantly asking yourself: “Why am I always tired and have no energy?”, “Why can’t I remember simple things?”, or “Why can’t I sleep through the night?”

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

When prolonged stress disrupts the signals your brain and your adrenal glands send to one another, you’re likely to experience adrenal fatigue. Often, this is because your “parent hormone” – DHEA – is unable to produce all of your other endocrine system hormones, especially cortisol, your stress hormone.

Your cortisol supply can be abruptly disrupted by major stressors like a death in the family, a traumatic divorce, even a risky surgery. Or, you may experience a slow cortisol drain due to dietary and sleep deficiencies, excess caffeine and sugar, or environmental toxin build up. Each adrenal fatigue trigger can induce one or more of these symptoms for months, even years: "extreme fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, sweet and salty food cravings, hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, autoimmune dysfunctions, weakened stress response, muscle or bone loss, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, decreased libido, depression & anxiety, increased blood pressure & heart rate."

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